About Us

About Us

Specialists in Handmade Furniture including - Bath Panels and Plate Racks, Mail Order, UK and Worldwide

Cheshire Needlecraft and Gifts is a mail order retailer of handmade furniture, self cover furnishings and art needlework accessories. Established 14 years ago, we are a rural based manufacturer of handmade furniture, from whole room wall panelling systems to small pine boxes. Direct delivery throughout the country. The products are varied and include:

  • Alexander Interior Pine Panelling Systems.
  • Pine Bath Panels and Ends in a choice of 4 finishes.
  • MDF Bath Panels and Ends in a choice of 5 finishes.
  • Shelf Poles in various sizes.
  • Coats and Caps racks.
  • Traditional plate racks for the kitchen. Our plate racks are available in small, medium and large .
  • Most plate racks are available in traditional wood, please call for individual specifications.
  • Upholstered stools and room screens in many sizes.
  • Self cover stools, firescreens and boxes for the needleworker to mount their work.
  • Needlework accessories including tapestry frames and stands for embroidery and needlework.

If what you require is different in size to any of our standard size products we may be able to make it for you.


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